2014 Procedure: Week by Week

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Week 1 (11/4/-11/10)
Dr. Wei suggested that the amount of work he did on my knee was more extensive than my first procedure. The first week indicated that was to be the case. I needed analgesics for most of this week versus a couple of days the first time. I used the unloader brace and dual crutches. A great deal of discomfort and difficulty finding a position to sleep in made this a tough week.

Week 2 (11/11-11/17)
Overall, this week was about getting through. No real observable progress. Pain from any kind of twisting of the leg.

Week 3 (11/18-11/24)
I’m three weeks out of my knee procedure. My recovery is more difficult than either my first procedure with Dr. Wei and definitely more difficult than the dual knee procedure in 2013 (although I believe that one was actually detrimental). As you will be able to see from the ultrasounds the state of this knee was terrible with two large bone spurs and a couple of spots of bone-on-bone . I got back on the stationary bike this week for 10 minute sessions.  Cut back on my use of crutches.  

Week 4 (11/25-12/1)
Started physical therapy with Cheshire PT & Sports Medicine. This is the group that I went to in 2009. Very confident that they understand the goal of building strength and flexibility without addressing the swelling response. I started using the crutches only for stairs this week. I still carried them with me when I went out in case of fatigue, but did not need to use them. When shopping, I did make use of a cart to lean in to.

Week 5 (12/2-12/8)
I notice this week that I still have a ‘knot’ where fat was extracted. It is a little sore to the touch but not painful. The injection sites have mostly healed although there is still a small lump underneath each.

Weeks 6 (12/9-12/15),  7 (12/16-12/22), 8 (12/23-12/29) and 9 (12/30-1/5)
Average days, with some fatigue in the knee. My gait is not really ‘working’. I tend to favor the right leg and ‘collapse’ a little on each step sort of lilting to the right. 

Week 10 (1/6-1/12)
PT comment is that flexibility is good in my left knee (maybe slightly better than in the right). 

Week 11 (1/13-1/19)
With the flexibility mostly recovered and strengthening the remaining step, I’ll be transitioning to home exercising soon.

Week 12 (1/20-1/26)
Last PT was on Wednesday.  

Week 13 (1/27-2/2)
This week I feel like my knee is getting stronger. I’m feeling less pain on twisting the knee and a bit more stable when walking. I am not particularly stable in snow banks following the dog.
I’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of bow-leggedness  (spell checker really doesn’t like this word). I’m looking for pictures to support that feeling. It looks like enough of a change to explain some of my earlier funny gait.

Week 14 (2/3-2/9)

Week 15 (2/10-216)
I missed an entry for last week because I was and my knee was feeling pretty good. My gait was getting smoother with good knee flex. This week I’m finding a bit more crunchiness when flexing and more sensitivity to rotation.

Week 16 (2/17-2/23)
I’m upping my stretching exercises – Bike, stability ball, Total gym as keeping the knee moving seems to help. Got 6 days of those activities this week.

Week 17 (2/24-3/2)
I’m keeping up the exercise, but not really seeing progress. Stair climbing is becoming a chore again.

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