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Life Perspectives

Seth Godin: I’d ignored him for quite a while but have gotten old enough to recognize some the wisdom he presents.


Paul Merriman – Paul Merriman is a retired financial advisor who advocates for evidence-based investing informed by history and academia. His focus is on broadly diversified, low maintenance cost, lazy portfolios. This is a link to his foundation which provides education and guidance. 

Science Fiction

Escape Pod – is the oldest Science Fiction podcast magazine having debuted in 2005. It is a free podcast that pays its authors and produces some really good works. It grew to become EscapeArtists which hosts not only EscapePod (SciFi), but PseudoPod (Horror), PodCastle (Fantasy) and Cast of Wonders (Young Adult). I’ve listened to each of them but “so much content”. I try (unsuccessfully) to stay current with EscapePod. 

Metamor City – Chris Lester is the conductor and main contributor of this universe (although it has roots in Metamor Keep). I’m not naturally attracted Urban Fantasy, but I met Chris at a SciFi convention in 2008 or 2009, sampled his work and was hooked on the world. Science and magic growing together in a world of fluid genders and deep character development. Chris podcasts his writing also offers insights into his writing process and the development of his stories at on his Patreon feed. A number of his works are available on paper

Tales of the Solar Clipper – Nathan Lowell is a prolific author who provides a very good story about ‘normal’ people and events in a sailing context that just happens to be between the stars. – Cory Doctorow does belong here in science fiction. He also belongs in topics such as: technology impact on your life, personal privacy in this dystopia, anti-monopoly, pro-user freedom. He also has a daily newsletter based on his link-blog, Pluralistic and a podcast.


Free Code Camp Suggestions

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